OSH Compliance

OSH Compliance


The Division of Compliance is responsible for the enforcement of Kentucky's Occupational Safety and Health Standards. Safety compliance officers and industrial hygienists inspect workplaces to assure there are no hazardous conditions that would threaten the health or safety of workers. Should such a condition be found, inspectors may issue citations for violations of Kentucky statutes or standards. Inspections may be the result of regular scheduling, imminent danger reports, accident or fatality reports, employee complaints or referrals from other ​agencies.

Inspection Data

Inspection Detail Definitionsexternal Establishment SearchexternalLocate inspections conducted at particular establishment. Search Inspections By SIC (Standard Industrial Classification)externalLocate inspections conducted within a particular industry group. Inspection InformationexternalFind information about an inspection when the activity number identifying the inspection is known.Accident Investigation SearchexternalSearch the text of the Accident Investigation Summaries (OSHA-170 form). General Duty Standard SearchexternalSearch the text associated with General Duty citations.Frequently Cited OSHA StandardsexternalDetermine the most frequently cited federal and state standards for a given SIC. The SIC may be determined by accessing the online SIC Manual.SIC SearchexternalSearch the alphabetic index of the 1987 manual by keywords; access detailed information for a specified SIC, division, or major group.SIC ManualexternalAccess detailed information for a specified SIC, division, or major group, and browse through the manual structure.NAICS ManualexternalDuring 2003-2004, OSHA transitioned to NAICS, the North American Industry Classification System, a 6-digit industry grouping system developed in cooperation with Canada and Mexico. Industry Profile for an OSHA StandardexternalDisplays the industry SICs in which a specified federal OSHA standard is most often cited. Information is shown at the SIC division and 2, 3, and 4-digit SIC levels. Bureau of Labor Statistics Workplace Injury, Illness and Fatality Statisticsexternal


Kentucky statutes regarding requests for inspections require that notices of violations or danger "shall be reduced to writing, shall set forth with reasonable particularity the grounds for the notice, and shall be signed by the employee or representative of employees..." (KRS Chapter 338.121). Thus, electronic complaints do not meet the criteria set forth by Kentucky's Occupational Safety and Health laws.

Employees or their representatives may also choose to send a signed letter that contains the same information in lieu of this form.

OSH Complaint Form


You may contact (502) 564-3535 for help with a discrimination claim.

Employees or their representatives may also choose to send a signed letter that contains the same information in lieu of this form.

Discrimination ​Form

OSH Regulations

The following industry-specific OSH regulations are applicable in Kentucky:

  • General Industry
  • Construction
  • Maritime
  • Agriculture

Kentucky's OSH regulations are found at 803 Kentucky Administrative Regulations Chapter 2. The regulations consist of:

  • State-specific regulations unique to Kentucky
  • OSHA regulations adopted with state-specific provisions
  • OSHA regulations adopted without change.
View 803 Kentucky Administrative Regulations Chapter 2

Kentucky specific general industry and construction regulations, along with federal general industry and construction standards, are provided free of charge on a USB drive.

The Kentucky Occupational Safety and H​ealth Standards for Construction and General Industry publication is available online. This unofficial publicatio​n contains only Kentucky-specific regulations adopted by the Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board, or the Kentucky Labor Cabinet, which supersede OSHA​ standards.

For a free USB drive:


Adoption of OSHA Standards and Policies

The Kentucky OSH Program, under the statutory authority of KRS Chapter 338 and through a state plan approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA, maintains authority for enforcement, on-site consultation, standards promulgation, and training services related to workplace safety and health. Therefore, the Kentucky OSH Program may or may not adopt federal standards or policies. Employers and employees may contact the Kentucky OSH Program at (502) 564-3070 to determine if the Kentucky OSH Program comports with federal standards or policies.


RegWatch is a free service that enables users to register with state government agencies to receive notification of changes to existing administrative regulations or receive notice of newly-proposed regulations. Users have the ability to register here by agency, by topic, or a combination of both.

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O​​SH Field Operation Manual

*Chapters not shown are reserved. ​​

Post Inspection Guide

An inspection of your workplace was conducted in accordance with the KRS Chapter 338. The compliance safety and health officer (CSHO) who conducted the inspection has found conditions that may be in violation of the law. The information relative to these conditions will be evaluated by the CSHO's supervisor. If it is determined ​that a violation does exist, you will be issued a "Citation and Notification of Penalty" that explains in detail the exact nature of the violation(s) and any associated penalties.



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