Office of Policy and Audit

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Office of Policy and Audit

​​The Office of Policy and Audit (OPA) serves to increase accountability and oversight of the Education and Labor Cabinet (ELC), to assist in improving agency operations, and to identify and deter fraud, waste, abuse and other improper conduct relating to Cabinet operations and programs.

The OPA is authorized to conduct investigations, audits, inspections, and other reviews in accordance with professional standards that relate to the field of investigation and auditing in a government environment. The OPA may issue written reports of factual findings, make recommendations for improving policies and procedures, and refer matters for civil, administrative, and criminal action where appropriate.

The OPA also serves as the ombudsman for the ELC. As ombudsman, the OPA acts as a problem-solving entity and handles complaints and general inquires about the ELC. Our office works with individuals to answer questions and resolve complaints about their interactions with the ELC.

In some instances, this may involve referring individuals to the appropriate agency with the ELC who can assist in the resolution of the individual’s question or issue. In other instances, the complaint or concern may give rise to an official investigation, which results in a report of factual findings to the Secretary of ELC. It is the goal of the OPA to be a resource for individuals who have exhausted all other resources or need additional information and do not know where to turn.

The OPA recognizes the vast majority of state employees are committed to serving the Commonwealth with the highest degree of integrity. Our office is dedicated to the principle that no public servant, regardless of position, is above the law and/or can operate outside the Cabinet policies and procedures. The strength of our government is built on the character of ​the individuals who uphold public trust and who have elected to serve the public.

If you need to contact the OPA for any questions, reporting a concern or any other matter, please use the contact information below.

Rebecca Rodgers Johnson – Executive Director
Office of Policy and Audit
Mayo-Underwood Building
500 Mero Street, 3rd Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: ​502-782-1350 

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