Appeals Section

Appeals Section

​​​​​​​​​​The final awards, orders, and decisions from the Administrative Law Judges that are challenged must pass through this Section to verify timeliness of filings, completeness of records, indexing, scheduling and ensuring compliance with the Administrative Regulations - all in preparation for the Workers' Compensation Board's review and judgment. Motions are tracked daily and a Docket prepared weekly. In the event the decision of the Workers' Compensation Board is contested, Section staff shall, upon request, ready and certify the files for review by the Court of Appeals ​and, in ​some cases, the Supreme ​Court.​​

For further information or questions, please ​contact:

Ashley Swiger, Section Supervisor
Vicki Harmon
Email: Vicki​

Frequently Asked ​Questions

​Notices of Appeal to the Board should be filed within 30 days of the Administrative Law Judge's opinion or final ​order.

​Petitioners have 30 days from the filing of the Notice of Appeal to file a ​brief.

Respondent's briefs are due 30 days from the filing of the ​Petitioner's brief.


Most questions regarding appeals can be answered by reviewing 803 KAR 25:010 Section 22. ​For specific ​questions please contact Ashley Swiger or Vicki Harmon at the e-mail address listed above.

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