How to File an Online Claim

How to File an Online Claim

​​With the introduction of the Litigation Management System (LMS) in 2017, all workers’ compensation filings are completed electronically, with the exception of pro se claimants, who have the option to file hard copies by mail.

If you are an attorney, you will need to register in LMS in order to file a claim in Kentucky. Once registered, you can begin the filing of a claim by clicking the green Submit a Filing button in the upper-right corner of your dashboard. There, you can follow the steps required to initiate a claim and attach supporting documentation. If one opts not to attach the supporting documentation (e.g., Form 104, Form 105, Form 106, etc.) to the initial filing, those documents can be filed after the claim is opened and a claim number is assigned.

Once a claim number is assigned, or if you are wanting to associate to an existing claim, you can click on +Add Claim in the upper left of your dashboard. You will be required to put in the claim number (a nine-digit number unique to a particular claim, the first four digits of which represent the filing year) and an access code (a seven-digit number necessary for secure access to a claim). If you are already a participant on the claim, you will see your name in the drop-down menu to associate. If not, you will be prompted to file a Notice of Representation and guided through those steps.

Once you have created a claim and you are associated, it will appear on your list of claims on your dashboard. This list is searchable should your number of claims exceed one page. At any time, you can click on the high-lighted claim number to enter a claim you are associated with and ​review or file within it.

Detailed instructions for navigating the Litigation Management System are listed on the Litigation Management System page.

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