Employer Responsibilities

Employer Responsibilities

​Obtain Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage

​Every employer in Kentucky with one employee subject to Kentucky’s Workers’ ​Compensation Act must secure its liability for compensation to its employees by either obtaining a policy of insurance or by depositing security after being authorized by the Commissioner to directly pay compensation benefits to its employees. An employer may obtain a workers’ compensation insurance policy from any insurance carrier authorized by the Department of Insurance to write workers’ compensation insurance in Kentucky.

An employer may not deduct any portion of the workers’ compensation insurance premium from the wages or salary of any employee. Notification of the workers’ compensation insurance coverage must be posted at the employers’ primary office and any other location where employees customarily report for payroll and personnel matters. The posting must include the name of the insurance company; the policy number; information setting forth the means to access medical care for injuries; the employee’s obligation to give notice of accidents; and any other matter concerning the employee’s rights under the Workers’ Compensation Act as required by the commissioner.

Accept, Report and File the first report with your workers’ compensation insurance carrier

Every employer must keep a record of all injuries received by employees. Within three working ​days of receiving notification of the incident or alleged incident the employer must report the incident to its workers’ compensation insurance carrier. If the injury or disease causes the employee to be absent from work for one day or more, a report must be made to the Department of Workers’ Claims by the employer’s insurance carrier within one week after learning of the event. The report must contain the employer’s name, location, and type of business, and the employee’s name, ​age, sex, wages, and occupation. Additionally, the report must contain the date and time the injury occurred, the nature of the injury and its cause, and any other information required by the Commissioner.

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