Workers' Compensation Board

Workers' Compensation Board

Since 1987 and pursuant to KRS 342.285, the Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Board has been the first step in the appellate process in a workers’ compensation litigated claim. The three members of the board are appointed to four-year terms by the governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate. Board members must possess qualifications of Court of Appeals judges.

Beginning in 1994, statutory alterations obligated the board to render its opinion within 60 days of the filing of the last brief. The cases are randomly assigned to each board member to be the primary author of that opinion. In each opinion, unless it is necessary for a board member to recuse himself from the case, all three will participate in the decision.

The Workers' Compensation Board consists of three Board Members, including the Chairman, who are appointed for four-year terms.

Board members are:

Michael W. Alvey, Chairman
Scott M. Miller, Member
Franklin A. Stivers, Member

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